The early British North American history essay

The early British North American history contains religious, race, class, and power factors. Martin Luther King made a religious impact and with the help of John Calvin, created The Protestant Reformation. Race became a problem between white indentured servants and black slaves. The Dutch strived for a great merchant class, and the English craved power.

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The Best Tips on How Long Should a College Essay Be

If you still think that the word amount isn't essential in writing, this article will convince you that you're mistaken. How can the number of words influence your paper? Let's have a look at what limits you need to follow and how it works.

Words in an Average Sentence

Have you ever thought about how many words have a perfect sentence? Professional writers are convinced that a perfect sentence is 15-20 words, but you can hardly ever keep to this number. But if you try to write your paper only in such sentences, it will sound unnatural. Each student, who has written his college paper at least once, knows that short and long sentences have to be mixed in the essay. It makes a paper easier to read and helps your readers understand its content. Long sentences seem complicated, and not everyone can catch the gist of your messages. So, it's a bad idea to impress your readers with complicated word-combinations and grammar structures.

Word Limits in the Paragraph and the Essay

The structure of a standard essay contains an introduction, the main body (from 3 to 5 paragraphs), and a conclusion. As a rule, students are assigned essays where the main body includes 3 paragraphs. It's considered sufficient for giving your point of view and arguments. Each paragraph should have from 100 to 200 words, and it's about 6-8 sentences. If you want to avoid too long paragraphs, try to stick to one idea while you are writing one paragraph. Having all these numbers, we can count that an average essay could be about 800-900 words: 3 paragraphs of 200 words each, an introduction of about 100-150 words, and the same amount of words for the conclusion. Of course, some essays can contain more words, and they have more paragraphs, but it depends on the assigned task.

Why It's Important to Follow the Word Limits

Some students made up a decision to write an essay themselves, are disappointed with the failing grade and unfavorable feedback. They followed the structure, created a catchy essay, but failed. As a rule, after that, they don't want to make new attempts and start googling, "Who can do my homework for me?" So, what went wrong? Inexperienced writers forgot about the word amount the essay should have. Even if you are good at the topic assigned, you need to summarize your ideas and avoid giving unnecessary information. Managing the number of words in a paper is a big deal. International students, who have taken an ESL exam, know that the overall score can be lowered if the word limit exceeds or vice versa.
So, if you want to write an excellent essay, don't forget to follow its structure and count words. And, by the way, it may always be appropriate to make a detailed plan before you start writing.