The early British North American history essay

The early British North American history contains religious, race, class, and power factors. Martin Luther King made a religious impact and with the help of John Calvin, created The Protestant Reformation. Race became a problem between white indentured servants and black slaves. The Dutch strived for a great merchant class, and the English craved power.

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Examples and Samples of Essays on Cannabis

As you go through college, you cannot escape essay writing. At one point or the other, your professor will require you to write an essay. It could be about CBD or other topics. In case you are confused about what to write, this article will help you. We will explore a couple of sample essays on Cannabis written by people around the globe. It can guide you towards composing a great essay for your professor.

1. Making Cannabis Legal in Canada: My Attitude

This essay explores the writer's perspective on marijuana and Canada. The writer admits that CBD is indeed beneficial in addressing varieties of health issues. He also examined some side effects of CBD and its abuse.
The writer explores his concerns on how the legalization of CBD will affect Canada. The outcome might be positive or negative. Even though when you read the review of CBD products like Elixinol review, there are positive feedbacks. Many people have used and loved CBD products, as seen on Elixinol reviews. The writer, however, worries about the consequences of legalizing it.

2. Functions of Medical Marijuana

This essay explores the many breakthroughs seen with the use of CBD in medicine. It addresses various illnesses like glaucoma, lung issues, and other disorders in which medical marijuana has been proven to be useful. The essay also explores the effect of CBD on cancer and how it suppresses the progression of cancer cells in man.
According to the essay, there are compounds in cells that help kill cancer cells. In addition, people have also used it to relieve different pain over the years. As read on justcbd review, some users reported that CBD helps relieve arthritis pain. The essay majorly revolves around the many health benefits of medical marijuana.

3. My Opinion on Medical Marijuana

This essay talks about the discord between the government, patients, and doctors with regards to CBD. The essay reveals that medical marijuana has been proven to be effective in treating various health conditions. It does not have side effects and is not very addictive. Users can even take CBD as gummies to fight pain or anxiety. An example is Sunday scaries gummies.
It also talked about the states of America that have legalized medical marijuana even though the FG frowns it. It discusses various regulations guiding the use of medical marijuana in the U.S. The essay concluded with how medical marijuana has transformed the medical field in terms of the many benefits.

4. Marijuana is a Remedy, not a Drug.

The essay discusses the false label and misclassification of marijuana as a dangerous drug over the years. Medical research, however, has made us understand that it can save lives. While it does not replace medications, it comes with various health benefits. You can check many benefits of CBD at
The essay discusses the amazing benefits of marijuana on chronic health issues and some disorders classified as incurable. The essay explains how Cannabis has been a help for people with life-threatening conditions like epilepsy. The author further describes how CBD helped cure Alzheimer's disease in his family.


Countless essays have been composed on medical marijuana. Students can use these examples as a guide in case they need to write an essay on CBD. Medical marijuana is helpful to man. Many people have given feedback on their efficiency. Even though it is a controversial topic, your professors will likely be interested in your view.